2013 Type-A Parent Conference Resource Page

Cosmetic (Blog) Enhancements:
Simple Nips & Tucks with Big Bang for the Buck


  • How to quickly pinpoint what you want to change without getting mired in markup
  • How a simple background change can have the effect of an extreme makeover
  • How to create gorgeous page headings with Google Fonts


  1. Google Chrome browser installed (recommended) or Firebug extension for Firefox.
  2. Jetpack plugin installed and activated. WordPress.com account required to fully activate this plugin. Be sure you have clicked the blue ‘Activate’ button for the Custom CSS module; it’s in the Jetpack panel of your WordPress admin.
  3. Create a test page on your site for use during this session, but make sure it’s not publicly visible (i.e., do not add it to your menu or site map, or just make it private).
  4. Choose a background image from those provided below, or bring your own.
  5. Choose a background color that works with your image and your website. ColorHexa (linked below) is helpful for picking good colors and combos.
  6. If you’d like to change your page heading color, find the value for a color you like.
  7. Choose a Google Font that you would like to use for your page heading, and grab the associated code snippet from the ‘@import’ tab of the Quick Use area (see screen grab below)
    1. Create a text “cheat sheet” document that you can easily copy from during the session; include:
    • the URL of your chosen background image
    • color values – hex (e.g., #FFCC66) or RGB (e.g., rgb(255, 204, 102) ) – for your chosen background color and your page heading (if you wish to change its color)
    • the Google Font code snippet for your chosen font