Welcome to the Type-A Parent Conference FAQ. Please see below for some of the common questions we get regarding the conference. Do you have a question? Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit it and we will answer it here.

Do I have to be Type-A to attend?

You certainly do not need to be type-A to attend. In fact, many who attended Type-A in the past have described the atmosphere as relaxed and laid back. That is thanks to all the type-As working behind the scenes to make everything go smoothly. You do, however, need to be type-A to organize it.

Do I have to be a parent to attend?

Type-A Parent Conference is a blogging and social media conference geared at parents. That means all of the programming is about blogging and social media, not about parenting. While most attendees are parents, it is not necessary to be a parent. The non-parents who have attended in the past have remarked that they learned and gained quite a bit by attending. You can also see the conference schedule to see what sessions the conference features.

How is Type-A different from other conferences?
  • Type-A is known for its outstanding sessions packed full of meat and take-aways. In fact, the average conference attendee goes to nine or more sessions during the conference.
  • Type-A is well-loved by attendees. In surveys, 96% of attendees rated the conference highly and 85% rated Type-A better than other blog conferences they have attended.
  • Type-A is the only blog conference with all-day programming throughout for the entire family, including a family pass so moms and dads can attend as well as the Kid Con for children ages infant to 16.
  • Type-A works hard to make all attendees welcome. There is no atmosphere of exclusion here.
  • Type-A is intimate, making it easy for both bloggers and companies to interact. As one attendee noted, you don’t just meet people at Type-A. You really get to know them.
Who is attending the conference?

You can see a list of everyone who has registered for the conference at the bottom of this page. You can also find attendees, speakers and sponsors on the official Type-A Parent Conference Twitter list.

Where should I stay and when should I book my hotel?

We highly recommend that you stay at the official conference hotel, the Hilton Charlotte Center City. It is also highly recommended that you book as soon as possible if you want to ensure availability as rooms for Type-A Parent Conference sell out every year. To get the special discounted Type-A Parent rate, book directly through the link on this page. There is no deposit required.

Can I be sponsored to attend the conference?

Yes, you can be sponsored to attend the conference, but be sure to carefully review the Personal Sponsorship Guidelines. It is very important that you follow them closely and make the sponsoring company aware of the rules. For example, if an attendee is caught passing out swag on behalf of a personal sponsor, their pass will be revoked. Anyone who throws an unofficial event, function or party will have their pass revoked without refund. The practice is considered highly unethical. The people and the companies involved will be banned from attending and sponsoring future conferences. An egregious violation will result in the sponsoring company being billed the cost of the comparable sponsorship. The rules are there because the official sponsors pay for the exposure they receive at the conference, and without their support the conference would not be possible. In fact, the official sponsors already sponsor all attendees. Without sponsors, the cost of a ticket would be about three to four times what it is now.

I have never been to a blog conference before. Is Type-A a good first conference?

Type-A is one of the best conferences for those who are new to blog conferences. Because attendees is capped at a lower level (max of 400 attendees), it is much easier to get to know fellow attendees and much less overwhelming. We also do several things to make new attendees feel welcome, such as the Company to Blogger Speed Dating, the Wilsonart Mentor Meetup, and ensuring everyone is welcome (no RSVPs or off-site trips required) to each evening reception and patio party.

Do I have to RSVP to parties?

The official conference parties, are open to all registered attendees. There is no need to RSVP, and your pass will gain you entry. We do, however, have special events and tours occasionally that have limited space and do require a registration. You will need to be a registered attendee to sign up for those, and if you are you will receive an email as these open for signup.

Can I bring my kids to the conference?

Yes, and in fact we encourage it. Type-A has been a pioneer in the parent blog conference space by providing quality childcare from year one for conference attendees. Called Kid Con, the children have their own mini conference with gift bags, activities, and trained and experienced child caregivers. Children from infant to age 16 can sign up. The Kid Con is heavily subsidized by sponsors to make it affordable for attendees. Registration will open soon, and you can find out when it does by subscribing to the newsletter.

Mothers of infants are also welcome to bring their babies into sessions. If your baby starts crying, we just ask that you step outside the session rooms until your baby has quieted to ensure all attendees can hear the speakers.

How do I find a roommate or road trip buddy?

The best way to connect with fellow attendees pre-conference is to join Type-A Parent (you can even join via the top left sidebar through Facebook in just a couple clicks) and then join the official Type-A Parent Conference group. The group forum includes threads on seeking roommates and on finding road trip buddies.

When should I arrive in Charlotte and leave Charlotte?
  • If you wish to experience the entire conference, you should arrive by Thursday afternoon and depart no earlier than Monday.
  • If you want to participate everything except the final night’s receptions and parties, leaving right after the closing keynote, you should arrive Thursday night and leave Sunday no earlier than 6:30 p.m. (to allow time to get to the airport) or 5 p.m. to leave by car.

To see the dates and times of conference activities, also be sure to see the conference schedule.

How do I transfer my conference ticket if I sell it?
  • Visit and log in at Eventbrite.
  • Find your Type-A ticket and, below it, click Manage Order
  • Change all of the details to the new attendee. It is especially important to update all of this information, especially their email address, so they will receive proper notifications from the conference.
What should I wear to the conference?

At Type-A, we want everyone to be comfortable and the focus to be on power learning and networking. The conference has a dress uncode. This means that if you look forward to the rare opportunity to hang out with adults and get all dolled up, by all means do so. If you prefer to be more comfortable, casual clothes are fine, too. It is recommended that you bring comfortable shoes if you plan to walk around downtown Asheville (a must-do!).

I have a special diet. Will the conference accommodate that?

For meals, we will provide vegan and vegetarian options. When you register, you will be asked if you have any special dietary needs. We will do our best to accommodate.

What meals are provided to attendees?

The conference will have breakfasts and lunches on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and there may also be snack breaks. We provide coffee throughout the day’s programming. Dinner, however, is not provided, but there is time allowed each evening to go get dinner. The hotel is situated right in the heart of Charlotte, and there are many wonderful restaurants within walking distance. There are options ranging from inexpensive to expensive.

Can I volunteer?

The call for volunteers for 2012 has opened and the deadline is January 30, 2012. You can apply here.