Goodbye Type-A Parent Conference 2013, Hello 2014 and a Golden Ticket Winner!

Type-A Parent’s fifth annual conference in Atlanta is over, and I am just blown away. My staff rocked as usual (hey, they don’t call us type-A for nothing, right?). Thank you to our new programming director Melanie Nelson @chilihead. You just knocked it out of the ballpark. I heard that over and over again from attendees all weekend long. Shannan Powell @slpowell coordinated our fabulous expo and made sure the sponsors had everything they needed. Our volunteers coordinated by Amanda Henson @highimpactmom kept the Type-A machine running smoothly.

Our director of photography Jenn Hethcoat @jennhethcoat made sure she and her team of amazing photographers captured the conference such as that awesome picture above (watch for more about our photographers and more of their photos to come soon!). My accountant Catherine Wells @theintegralcat/@wordsandnumbers kept me from going broke (yay to that!). And Emily Vanek @coloradomom did a fantastic job coordinating the Mom Market (we ran out of For Dummies books signed by those of us who are authors within minutes!).

We had fantastic sponsors (see them all here). They got the importance of our industry, and they understood the value of each blogger/attendee. Be sure to show them lots of love, thank them in social media and in your blog posts, and take just a minute to follow and like them.

The parties were so much fun. I cried at the mic on the last day (hey, it’s an annual tradition. SHUT UP!). The We Still Blog Awards proved that blogging is still without a doubt a viable platform for social media (plus more tears and lots of laughs, too). Our speakers YET again set a new bar when it comes to teaching our attendees.

Our keynotes readied me to go out into the business and social media world and kick some major butt. See Amber Naslund @AmberCadabra above. That’s not to mention Gary Buchanan @gary_jerry Sunday morning inspiring us to jack up our creative juices, and the outstanding, fantastic, tell-it-like-it-is and tell-you-what-you-need-to-hear closing keynote with Erika Napoletano @redheadwriting.

But most of all, the most amazing thing about the conference as always was the attendees. I must have been told 20 times over the weekend that we have by far the most welcoming, most inclusive, most mentoring and most fun attendees of any blog conference. That isn’t something I (even with all my type-A-ness) can plan. It’s organic. And it amazes me year after year. So I have to give a great big THANK YOU to everyone who attended.

Golden Ticket Winner…

And….. drum roll, please. We randomly selected one tweet from the week of the conference to win a golden ticket (a lifetime pass to each annual Type-A Parent Conference). The golden ticket cannot be transferred or shared with anyone else, and golden ticket winners must still abide by all conference rules and guidelines to remain valid. As the winner is a Twitter account with two users, I will say that either Heather or Genelle can use the ticket each year. And THIS is the winning tweet:


Speaking of Next Year

I have had a lot of questions about our big announcements regarding 2014 dates. I also wanted to remind everyone that Type-A New Orleans tickets are still on sale here, and that agenda is pretty spectacular.

Here are the dates/places for our 2014 events. Alumni: WATCH your emails and everyone else, watch the #typeacon stream very closely in the next few days because our annual conference tickets go on sale very soon. If you remember from previous years, alumni and super early bird passes go sometimes within minutes. Later, we will put our bootcamp passes on sale and the FIRST DIBS will go to 2014 annual passholders.

  • The annual conference will be 9/19-21 in Atlanta (Grand Hyatt Buckhead).
  • The first one-day bootcamp will be March 29 at Walt Disney World (Boardwalk Inn).
  • The second one-day bootcamp will be July 12 at Disneyland (Disneyland Hotel).

Also, as I have seen a lot of questions about details and all sorts of things directed at my team, please keep in mind that we all feel like we danced to Will Smith for 97 days straight (we actually MIGHT have, but that’s neither here nor there). So if we ignore your questions, we’re sorry. We need a few days to rest. Even type-As rest. No seriously. It happens. I mean, I am typing this which isn’t really resting but I swear, as soon as I am done, I am resting. I AM, TOO!

Share Your Posts (Hey, baby, want a little link love?)

Last but definitely not least, one of my favorite post-conference activities (besides staring at the wall like a zombie and drooling a little) is reading YOUR posts about the conference. Please use the linky below to share your posts! I will randomize the order, so everyone gets equal exposure. I will also be sharing these posts all up and down social media. I am maniacal like that.