Maids in Colorado Springs

What Do Maids in Colorado Springs Do?

All over the world, people hire maids, and Colorado Springs is no exception. When it comes to helping with the household chores and general house cleaning while you take care of the office work, getting a maid is crucial.

Even if you work from home, you may need some assistance with the household while you focus on getting your job done. Offices also hire maids to help with some duties, including cleaning. Perhaps you’re asking what do maids do? This article will tell you the responsibilities of maids in Colorado Springs.

What Do Maids Do?

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Maids generally are known for housekeeping. Housekeeping involves taking care of those chores and duties that go into the day to day running of a home.

These activities include cleaning, washing, ironing, laundry, cooking, shopping, and general home maintenance. However, sometimes, the duties of a maid are trimmed down to the chores the house owner specifies.

To cover the household chores without wearing out a maid, some people employ several maids to cover the whole household chores. In Colorado Springs, where there are several maids in a household, they will have specific duties.

But where there is only a maid, she usually does all the chores. In this case, the maid is paid higher than those whose duties are few because there are many hands. The responsibilities of maids in Colorado Spring include the following:

1. Cleaning

The maids clean the house, the living room, the bedroom, and all other rooms in the house. They also clean studies, libraries, and the areas outside the home, including the verandah. They clean hallways, lounges, elevators, lobbies, corridors, locker rooms, stairways, etc. They mop, scrub, polish, or wax the floor of the whole house.

They scrub the floors and ensure the fans, pictures, and other hangings are dust-free. They polish artworks, all fittings, and fixtures. They clean the furniture and rugs. They also remove all pet fur and make sure the whole house is sparkling clean. Where it is the case, maids have to take laundry to the cleaners.

2. Laundry

The maids wash and iron clothes for the house owner or the whole household as assigned to them. They maintain the beddings and curtains, towels, etc. They take care of children’s nursery, make sure it is clean and in good order.

3. Cooking

Sometimes, cooking is the responsibility of a cook or a kitchen maid whose duties are mainly maintaining the kitchen. The maids clean the kitchen and ensure thorough cleanness of it. They cook meals for the day. They stock the storeroom with necessities.

In some households, the house owner gives the portion of food items to the maids to cook. In other homes, the maids are in charge of the store and stock it regularly.

4. Washing

The maids are in charge of washing dishes and wares in the kitchen. They wash, scrub, and clean restrooms using mops, vacuums, or other machines. They also wash window panes, ceilings, walls, work areas, and other areas designated to them.

5. Shopping

Shopping is one of the core duties of maids in Colorado. They report a shortage of items to the house owner and replenish them. They replenish items such as bathroom supplies, writing supplies, kitchen supplies, etc. They also replace worn out, lost, or broken items such as drinking glasses, towels, linens, etc. They shop for cleaning supplies such as mops, disinfectants, sponges, brushes, etc.

6. General maintenance

Maids ensure that everything in the house is in order. They ensure there is water, taking note of the water level to avoid total run out. They empty ashtrays, waste bins and baskets at disposal areas, and clean them.

7. Safety

They observe safety precautions to ensure the safety of the house and properties. They report damages and theft to the house owner. They request the services of repairers, receive the repair workers, and ensure they do good jobs.

8. Babysitting

In some households, they hire babysitters to take care of the kids. However, in some houses, the maids take care of the children. They ensure they are well-fed, clean, and assisted. They bath the children and feed them. They help them in their school works.  The maids ensure that their rooms, beds, and cribs are tidy, and everything is in order.

9. Other assistance

When the house owner is organizing a party, they maids assist them and run errands. They help in the general preparation for the meetings and assist them in ensuring that the meetings go smoothly. In offices, they clean the meetings areas and set up the place and necessary items.

If the house owner has visitors, the maids assist in serving the guests and ensuring their general comfort. The maids also serve tables and wait on the mistress or master.

How Can Your Maid be Effective

How Can Your Maid be Effective

While the above are the duties of the maids, the house owner also has some responsibilities. It is the responsibility of house owners to create conducive work environments for maids. The roles they play include:

1. Make Prompt Payment Allowance

Hirers ought to pay the maids or maid services on time. Timely payment makes maids happy, and consequentially, ensures an adequate job.

2. Provide a Conducive Working Environment

The effectiveness of your maid also depends on whether or not they are comfortable in the house. Treat them with respect and avoid verbal abuse. Your children should respect them.

3. Get to know them

Know your maids and relate with them appropriately. Get to know them and their backgrounds.

4. Ensure Professionalism

If you list the services of maid service, you are sure to get professional maids. You can also hire maids who know their jobs directly.

5. Create Workable Schedule and instructions

Always give clear instructions to your maids to avoid them doing the wrong things. Make your plans known to the maids. List their daily and weekly chores. Let them know your expectations.

6. Amiable disposition

Have a pleasant disposition, and be approachable. You can be friendly with your maids and maintain your respect.


Before hiring maids in Colorado Springs, it is essential to know the duties that they can do. Your maids can be effective if they are professionals. You should also create the right atmosphere for them to work effectively.