How Aviation Job Search Breaks Through the Job Market

How Aviation Work Lookup Breaks Through the original Job Marketplace

Aviation Job Research can be an international Aviation Careers career middle that links trusted and verified aviation businesses all over the world with best employees. Because the world’s major aviation work board, Aviation Job Lookup provides recruiters with an inexpensive and efficient option to generic job websites.

Because of this, they now travel around 100,000 work seeker visits within a month and boast a lot more than 600,000 registered candidates.


Aviation Job Research wished to develop a mutually beneficial atmosphere where companies could engage and connect to job hunters in the Aviation and Aerospace market instantly, from absolutely any part of the world. For this function, Aviation Job Lookup aimed to overcome the next challenges connected with physical work fairs:

  1. Combining a geographically dispersed system of aviation and aerospace experts in one area
  2. Getting an alternative solution to the high expenses associated with allocating assets, creating marketing security, and managing suppliers
  3. Making similar details designed for multiple candidates simultaneously, without making the procedure redundant
  4. Eliminating traveling cost and period constraints for job hunters, employers and key audio speakers
  5. Making articles and resources designed for accessing at another time
  6. Lowering the carbon footprint and hosting an green occasion
  7. Ensuring efficient engagement between job hunters and employers


Aviation Job Plank hosted an Online Aviation & Aerospace Work Fair on the 12 th of February 2020. The vFairs group devised a technique to align a digital job fair remedy with Aviation Work Search’s objective of promoting the and everyone connected with it.

In line with the following functions, the host was effectively in a position to overcome their problems by using a virtual reasonable.

1. Details Before the Event

The website landing page of the occasion consisted of all the details regarding what the web event was offering, along with the set of exhibiting bodies. This is a necessary solution to educate visitors with all the current information they required concerning the event, ahead of entering it. Moreover, furthermore compelling them to join up and reap the benefits of all there’s to be provided.

2. Help Table to aid Visitors

In the same way a retail center where you will find loads of shops (companies) and a much greater amount of shoppers (job hunters), an information middle, or perhaps a help desk, was made to aid visitors at the function and to be accessible for 24/7 query resolution.

Help Desk Job Fair

3. Rich Content Designed for Candidates

Applicants were offered downloadable paperwork, movies and presentations by various employers at their particular booths. Removing unwanted carbon footprint and higher expenses of printing, this article could be put into their swag luggage or emailed in their mind to learn, research, and talk about at another time.

employers booths

4. Branded Company Booths with REAL-TIME Chat

The aim of the function was for the companies to promote their corporation, exhibit their lifestyle and showcase their vacancies in a stress-free of charge and visually stimulating atmosphere. For the virtual work fair to end up being fantastically immersive, all participating companies were provided custom made designed digital booths to represent their particular identities.

For these employers, in addition to for attending applicants, an interactive atmosphere was offered by means of a live life chat room. Employers could actually build relationships candidates using textual content, audio and video talk with ensure the standard of talent these were looking for. However, job seekers could actually resolve queries instantly and schedule a period to speak with another employer.

employer booth

5. Educating the Masses Making use of Live life Webinars

Reality-based auditoriums were made to assemble a big audience in one room for planned webinars. The schedule of the webinars was supplied to the attendees before period, so they could very clear their schedules for appropriate webinars, beforehand. This ensured optimum attendance at each planned session. Not merely were these obtainable on any device, around the world, but these webinars had been also available to a Q&A session by the end, to make the periods interactive.

6. Effective Recruitment Tools to improve Hiring

By using a Job Table, both involved entities – the companies, and also the job seekers, could actually filter relevant jobs along with candidates, find out about companies, and accessibility work descriptions of thought-provoking vacancies. Furthermore, candidates were given an in depth job seeker help guideline to assist them within their lookout for suitable jobs.


The Aviation & Aerospace Work Fair was an enormous achievement indicated by its outcomes. With an extraordinary employer experience, satisfied applicants, and high degrees of content intake across all booths, our real-period reporting dashboard tracked all website visitor traffic and activity to be able to help gauge the event’s ROI, effortlessly. The performance of the function was as a result supported by:

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